Tuesday, December 8, 2015

tripple click to change your life

Ok people wait for it, this is a teacher's life changing information moment.  Have you ever been working with a small group and glance around the room and see all your students seemingly dutifully working on the iPads? ONLY to find out later that that they were not in the app you assigned but building their next mine craft castle, or worse?  Well worry no more! Mobile Apple devices have an option called Guided Access, it makes kids stay working in the app that you put them on.  No more exiting out the assigned app and opening the one they want! I know! How do you access this you ask?

Follow these simple steps:

Turn Guided Access on
  1. go to settings
  2. click general
  3. click accessibility
  4. scroll all the way to the bottom
  5. under the learning heading click Guided Access
  6. click the slide switch on (it will turn green)
Use Guided Access
  1. open the app you want kids to use
  2. click the home button three times quickly
  3. follow instructions to put in a 4 digit pass code to turn on (write this code down you will need it turn it off!)
  4. when students are done triple click the home button again
  5. type in 4 digit code again and its turned off
Enjoy having peace of mind that students cannot leave the app you have assigned!

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